How to Conquer a Dragon Part 2

Written by on February 26, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, we left poor Sylvia Rogers cowering before a fierce dragon. People, I hope you haven’t lost any sleep over this cliff-hanger. In the last couple of weeks, I was warding off some pretty gnarly dragons of my own. Sylvia, we didn’t forget about you. We just left a bookmark in that chapter.

At a conference on tools for emotional healing, Sylvia met her day of reckoning. In small groups, participants talked out their feelings. Sylvia feared faced a very real dragon inside her: a combination of fear, embarrassment, self-consciousness, timidity, anxiety, anger, resentment, and sorrow.

Sylvia said, “And then it was my turn. The women laid caring hands upon me, and I took a breath and plunged in, vocalizing my true emotions. As I relaxed, an image arose of my childhood. I was raised in a fatherless home. I’d referred to this many times with friends—always intellectually—concluding it was best due to life’s circumstances.

“When asked how I felt about this, I was shocked when the dam broke and tears flowed for what seemed an eternity. That dragon flowed out with it. I had missed out on the dream of a great dad and the raw buried pain of a child was in full view. I realized I needed to put a forgiving ending on that old story.  But something amazing was also happening.

“In its place, the dragon was shrinking into a mouse! Confessing what was inside to others in a safe place was incredibly healing to my emotions and started a journey of true Christ-centered healing within.

“The dragon was gone. The journey still continues today, but I am growing in strength and victory. I’m grateful and give praise to our great God for his marvelous tools of healing and freedom.”


Wow, Sylvia, that’s powerful! I love how God heals us when we trust Him to conquer our fears through others.

Readers, are you dealing with a dragon today? If so, what is his name? How can you shrink him into a mouse?


Sylvia Rogers

Sylvia Roger is author of The Pearl Box. She has a B.S. in Nursing and a certificate in Nutrition. She’s worked as a Natural Health Practitioner and Herb Specialist for over 30 years and is a popular author and international speaker.

Find Sylvia Rogers at:  The Herbal Health Center, 829 SE 182nd Ave., Portland, OR, 97233

Visit The Pearl Box website:

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