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Date: March 3, 2020
Learn How to Make Smart Decisions in Times of Transition

Hear God’s Voice Clearly, Take Your Next Step with Purpose and Confidence, and Get Energized with Creativity and Innovation


Life is full of change. When you endure unexpected or overwhelming transitions, it’s easy to feel lost in it all.

When transition comes along, it’s easy to feel stuck, confused, or angry about injustice. Maybe even frustrated and discouraged.

I understand how difficult it can be to make important decisions in time of change. I love to equip people like you with practical tools for defining the path to success, hearing God’s voice clearly, and deepening a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Would you be interested? Well, I know I can show you if you allow me to be your guide.

Regardless of how far along you are in your journey with the Holy Spirit—from beginner to seasoned leader—if you desire to be empowered for Purpose and Possibilities, then you are invited to join me for an EXCITING ADVENTURE called…

You see, I’m a “possibilitarian,” a person who activates new possibilities with hope filled expectation. And you too can become a possibilitarian, but it helps to have the right guide, the right mentor.

No matter what passage of life you find yourself in, learning how to team up with  the Holy Spirit to navigate transition speeds up the process and makes the journey more enjoyable.

With Holy Spirit wisdom and solid biblical counsel, I will show you the path to clarity and peace in taking the next step in any transition that comes your way.

Watch Lynn’s webinar, “Holy Spirit Empowerment, Purpose, and Possibilities” here!

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