‘Ello, gov’na!

Written by on November 28, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I was bird-dogging (for new readers, that’s making sales cold calls) in downtown Portland on a series of complicated one-way streets. Pulling out of a parking lot, I glanced to my right. Yes, traffic in the far lanes was heading left. But, turning left into the closest lane, I suddenly met up with cars bearing down on me.

Hare in the headlights moment. Turns out it was a two-way street. Oops.

Traffic literally came to screeching halt. Several honking horns and gnarly faces later, I sheepishly pulled into the right lane.

“’Ello, gov’na! Jolly fine mornin’, eh what?” I mumbled in my best British accent, and then bit my lower lip.

Life lesson?

  • On the most distracted days, we all make bad mistakes.
  • In the middle of our loopy mistakes, God often steps in to protect us.
  • When God steps in, sometimes there’s noise and a bit of shouting.
  • If you look close enough, hidden inside the noise and shouting is peace and calm in a safe place – the presence of God.
  • Be different than Lynn. Look both ways before crossing the street.

What’s the most foolish mistake you’ve made recently?  Where was your safe place in it?

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  1. jane West   On   December 12, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    I did the SAME thing recently. Going from Washington Street (one-way East) to Stark Street (one-way West). I turned off Washington the one block to get to Stark, and it was a ONE-WAY street! I was in the left lane, and like you, OOPS, I sort of “snuck” down the short block and turned left around the corner onto Stark. People waited, shaking their heads. I think I was even shaking mine. A friend was in the car and she laughed.It could have been bad if there’d been a whole lot of traffic and angry drivers; but God covered my blunder… and I won’t do that again! Thanks for the reminder, Lynn. My lesson was, look everywhere for signals.

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