Christian Life Coaching

Christian Life Coaching


Learn how to answer tough questions when you discern and apply the Holy Spirit's heart, thoughts, and wisdom.

See choices that God is highlighting with a "Holy Spirit swish."

Learn how to see, hear, sense, know, and dream what God's saying to you.

Identify 5 obstacles holding you back on your personal/career path. Increase in confidence as you shatter perceived limits.

Shed stress, anxiety, and worry, so that you can be filled with Christ's peace,


Discover your "destiny verses" that help you make smart choices.

Learn how to deal with injustice - and how to overcome awful pain of the past.

Explore fresh ways to hear God's voice in a noisy world.

Get tips on getting the enemy's voice out of your head and improve your self-talk.

Learn 7 tips on how to deal with conflict.

Recognize how your passion intersects with your God-given purpose


Learn how to activate possibilities by observing, thinking, speaking, and acting excellent outcomes.

Walk free of guilt, regret, and condemnation. Heal painful memories.

Team up with the Holy Spirit and encouraging, uplifting coach Lynn as your guides.

Learn how interacting with your angels activates your destiny.

Learn how to activate your "sanctified imagination" as God increases your creativity.

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Learn how to make decisions you won't regret. Overcome the anxiety of tough decisions with a clear head, peaceful heart, and confidence.

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