1-on-1 Christian Life Coaching

Sessions are tailored to include any combination of the following

Financial Freedom

Learn tactics and strategies for goal-setting in your finances, so that you can pursue financial freedom.

Identify 3 obstacles that are holding you back on your career path so that you can confidently plan for your future.

Gain understanding of your unique gifts and take control of your investments.

Get rid of stress, anxiety, and worry, so that you can experience peace in your finances and get a good night’s sleep.

Relational Freedom

Explore 3 tips on resolving conflicts in your relationships so that you can eliminate energy-draining tension.

Learn 3 principles of becoming a stronger influencer and communicator and make a greater impact on coworkers.

Come away with practical tips on introducing joy in your family so that you can make fun memories.

Take away strategies for improving self-talk so that you can make decisions with more confidence.

Climb new ladders to relational success.

Physical Health

Set achievable personal health goals so that you have more energy throughout the day.

Get warm encouragement with a cheerleader so that you can celebrate with a smile throughout the process.

Learn tips that will foster abundance in your physical health so that you can keep a sustainable life balance.

Gain a fresh perspective on the body-emotion-spirit connection so that your successes can “spill over” into many areas of your life.

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