1-on-1 Prophetic Coaching

Spiritual Quotient

Learn how to discern and apply the Holy Spirit's heart, thoughts, and wisdom.

Ramp up seeing, hearing, sensing, knowing, and dreaming in the spirit and bring wisdom "on earth as it is in heaven."

Identify 4 obstacles holding you back on your personal/career path. Increase in confidence as you shatter perceived limits.

What identities and nicknames have been birthed in periods of adversity? How do you steward each?

Shed stress, anxiety, and worry, so that you can be empowered, peace-filled, and lit with clarity.

Transition Coaching

Quit going around in circles. Learn 7 practical tips on journaling that will chart your upward growth in times of change.

Learn 3 principles of smart decision-making on unpredictable days, so that your family can rely on you in their chaos.

Learn fresh ways to be prophetically transformed by the renewing of your mind. How do you get prophetic words when you feel stuck?

Take away strategies for improving self-talk so that you can make decisions with more confidence.

Get inspired to take kid breaks - let out the joy of your inner child!

Be a Possibilitarian

Activate possibilities with hope-filled expectation. Shift your expectation. Shift your words. See the supernatural come to pass!

Come to know the Greatest Possibilitarian Who Ever Lived: Jesus Christ!

Get warm encouragement from a seasoned prophetic intercessor with a map of your spiritual terrain.

Learn tips that will foster taking the direction of the Scripture's "True North." Activate your destiny verses and form a plan for your top 3 dreams.

Embrace this truth: The first step on the journey of a possibilitarian is one irrational act of faith that alters the course of history.

Get "10 Tips for a Smart Transition."

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Discover how to make decisions you won't regret. No matter what changes life has for you today, you can overcome the anxiety of tough decisions with a clear head, peaceful heart, and confidence.

Expect good changes. See them come to life.

Betcha God makes a way where there is no way.

In times of anxiety or disconnect, with these 10 practical tips, you can make clear decisions you won't regret.

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