Lynn Hare

Hi. I’m Lynn Hare. I’m a possibilitarian! Don’t you love the sound of that word? Possibilitarian – someone who activates possibilities with hope-filled expectation! I see possibilities everywhere!

My mission is to activate 1,000,000 possibilitarians around the world. As we get to know the Holy Spirit, we learn more about His empowerment, purpose, and possibilities. And with fresh expectations, we activate others’ destinies on their journeys.

Jesus is the Master Possibilitarian. He creates possibilities everywhere. His power is known in the spirit realm and in the natural. We can ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to where Jesus’ heart, thoughts, and wisdom are being released. We can proactively release them on earth as it is in heaven. Where you find Christ, you find possibilities, and where you find possibilities, you find hope.


  • My books The Quest for Self-Forgiveness and Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Spirit of America  (Contribution: “I’m Not the One with the Accent”) share my passion for people and joy and a fun relationship with the Holy Spirit. I enjoy helping people fulfill their destinies by embracing their identities in Christ, and the freedom found in self-directed forgiveness.
  • I’ve won 4 Cascade Writing Awards. The Quest for Self-Forgiveness won the Cascade Nonfiction Award in 2018. I was honored to receive the Writer of Promise Award and took first place in Nonfiction Articles and Poetry Divisions in the contest in 2015.
  • While a member of Oregon Christian Writers (OCW) 2011-2020, I served on staff as prayer coordinator for four years.
  • Inside my head lives a certified teacher of 35+ years, who gets uninvited to the first round of writing so her toe-tapping doesn’t interrupt the flow of creative genius.


In the last 32 years, I’ve prayed one-on-one with thousands of people. I serve on the Board of Serving Our Neighbors. You can find me at prayer events in the Portland/Vancouver metro area (praying4pdx.com). I’m a former member of Graham Cooke’s worldwide prayer force, The Warrior Class.


I invite you to contact me for more information about speaking for your group.

Lover Of Kingdom

I serve the Lord at C3 Church in Portland, OR.

Favorite Verse

So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere, so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.  (Hebrews 10:35, 36).

I live in Portland, Oregon with my mathematical genius and faithful husband of 40 years, Tim. He owns a software development business, Telios Systems Company. Our marriage is empirical evidence of God’s sense of humor—an extrovert writer and trainer married to an introvert Einstein, who writes software with logical and sequential analysis and metrics. We have 3 adult kids and two precious grandchildren.

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